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Rendering is a great way to breathe new life into your building. Whether you’re revamping the warehouse, modernising the family home or giving the office that professional look, our rendering services are right for you. From cement to acrylic rendering, we do it all. Look Sharp Rendering services come at a competitive price, so you can provide your building with a modern and industrial look without paying big money.

As well as the great aesthetic benefits, rendering can also improve the waterproofing and fire rating of your property.

The Look SHARP difference

If you want a sharper finish with your rendering then we are the team for you. Our rendering options include:

• Cement rendering
• Bag render
• Acrylic render
• Renovations
• New house
• Feature walls
• Render repairs

At Look Sharp Rendering we don’t just help you with your walls. We also provide services for the rest of your property, including:

• Mailboxes
• Blue board
• Fences
commercial building render in Mackay

Residential rescues

If your house needs a sleek new look then our complete residential rendering is right for you. Whether you have a snug house or a large family home we can provide you a personal, professional service. Our residential rendering spans units, fences bathrooms, garages, retaining walls and more.

Bettering your business

At Look Sharp Rendering we are experts in providing commercial and industrial rendering. Our experienced, qualified and insured rendering team can service your office, warehouse or other commercial premises. Rendering will make your office building modern and professional, completely revolutionising the design. For industrial areas we will provide convenient, easy to clean surfaces to make your job easier.

Look Sharp Rendering Past Projects

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